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CH-47 Chinook

The CH-47 Chinook is a twin-engine, tandem rotor helicopter intended for transportation of cargo, troops, and weapons no matter what conditions. The aircraft fuselage is approximately 50 feet long. With a 60-foot rotor span, on each rotor system, the effective length of a CH-47 (with blades turning) is approximately 100 feet from the most forward point of the forward rotor to the most rearward point on the aft rotor. Maximum airspeed is 170 knots with a normal cruise speed of 130 knots. However, speed for any mission will vary greatly depending on load configuration (internal or external), time of day, or weather conditions. The minimum crew for tactical maneuvers is four, two pilots, one flight engineer, and one crew chief. For more complex missions, air assaults, commanders may consider using five crew members and add one additional crew chief. Since then the effectiveness of the Chinook has been continually upgraded by successive product improvements, the CH-47A, CH-47B, CH-47C, and CH-47D. Continuous product improvements have more than doubled the Chinook's lift capacity since its inception. The amount of load a cargo helicopter can carry depends on the model, the fuel on board, the distance to be flown, and atmospheric conditions.