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FSC Code List

This page contains a list of all Federal Supply Class (FSC) codes, as well as the Federal Supply Groups (FSG) they fall into. The table of contents lists all the groups, and the individual codes are grouped below.

616100Historical FSC
616105Motors, Electrical
616110Electrical Control Equipment
616115Generators and Generator Sets, Electrical
616116Fuel Cell Power Units, Components, and Accessories
616117Solar Electric Power Systems
616120Transformers: Distribution and Power Station
616125Converters, Electrical, Rotating
616130Converters, Electrical, Nonrotating
616135Batteries, Nonrechargeable
616140Batteries, Rechargeable
616145Wire and Cable, Electrical
616150Miscellaneous Electric Power and Distribution Equipment
616155Historical FSC
616160Miscellaneous Battery Retaining Fixtures, Liners and Ancillary Items