Logistics & Supply Chain Management Solution

FSC Code List

This page contains a list of all Federal Supply Class (FSC) codes, as well as the Federal Supply Groups (FSG) they fall into. The table of contents lists all the groups, and the individual codes are grouped below.

101005Guns, through 30mm
101010Guns, over 30mm up to 75mm
101015Guns, 75mm through 125mm
101020Guns, over 125mm through 150mm
101025Guns, over 150mm through 200mm
101030Guns, over 200mm through 300mm
101034Historical FSC
101035Guns, over 300mm
101040Chemical Weapons and Equipment
101045Launchers, Torpedo and Depth Charge
101055Launchers, Rocket and Pyrotechnic
101070Nets and Booms, Ordnance
101075Degaussing and Mine Sweeping Equipment
101080Camouflage and Deception Equipment
101090Assemblies Interchangeable Between Weapons in Two or More Classes
101095Miscellaneous Weapons
111105Nuclear Bombs
111110Nuclear Projectiles
111115Nuclear Warheads and Warhead Sections
111120Nuclear Depth Charges
111125Nuclear Demolition Charges
111127Nuclear Rockets
111130Conversion Kits, Nuclear Ordnance
111135Fuzing and Firing Devices, Nuclear Ordnance
111140Nuclear Components
111145Explosive and Pyrotechnic Components, Nuclear Ordnance
111190Specialized Test and Handling Equipment, Nuclear Ordnance
111195Miscellaneous Nuclear Ordnance
121200Historical FSC
121210Fire Control Directors
121220Fire Control Computing Sights and Devices
121230Fire Control Systems, Complete
121234Historical FSC
121240Optical Sighting and Ranging Equipment
121250Fire Control Stabilizing Mechanisms
121260Fire Control Designating and Indicating Equipment
121265Fire Control Transmitting and Receiving Equipment, except Airborne
121270Aircraft Gunnery Fire Control Components
121280Aircraft Bombing Fire Control Components
121285Fire Control Radar Equipment, except Airborne
121287Fire Control Sonar Equipment
121290Miscellaneous Fire Control Equipment
131305Ammunition, through 30mm
131310Ammunition, over 30mm up to 75mm
131315Ammunition, 75mm through 125mm
131320Ammunition, over 125mm
131336Guided Missile Warheads and Explosive Components
131337Guided Missile and Space Vehicle Explosive Propulsion Units, Solid Fuel; and Components